About Hoshiiya

hoshiiya_aboutWhat is Hoshiiya?
Hoshiiya is a small online shop run by Max (in Japan, handling all orders & shipping) & Nat (in Canada, handling all the back-ends of the website).

After Max moved to Japan to study, his friends started asking him if he would be able to pick up merchandise for them that was unavailable back home. While sending a huge box of kuji prizes & doujinshis to Nat, they realized that there were probably even more people out there who would want things! With over 16 years of web-collaboration experience together, they launched Hoshiiya to get you the things you want from Japan!

What does Hoshiiya mean?
Hoshiiya (欲しい屋) combines the Japanese words “hoshii” 欲しい (ho-shee) meaning want and “ya” 屋 (yah) meaning store. It literally means “(things you) want store”!

We hand pick all our goods – as collectors, we know quality matters! All of our catalogue is designed by finding unique items that may not be available elsewhere. Some things sell out before they make it online, and even then Japanese skills might be necessary – never fear though, we take care of that scary stuff for you. We strive to find the best items possible to help your collections grow!